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Palm Reading of Narendra Modi

What made him prime Minister of India ?

Mr Narender Modi is the 14th Prime minister of India . His birth day is on 17 September .

He was born is an simple family of Gujarat and was third of six children . As a child, Modi helped his father sell tea at the Vadnagar railway station . Then what made him the prime minister of nation ?

Strong personality

Modi’s palm is long with regular medium length thin fingers . All the fingers are tapered well adding analyzing and reasoning ability also making him balanced person The Pink color palm with equal distance in fingers is making him extraordinary personality.

Good leader

His long thumb adds will power and resolve in him. The pointed thumb is making him aware but reserve. His thumb shows that he is a natural leader and a man with a vision, and has ability to execute his plans. He has strong and purposeful views which will take his team forward.

Strong Points

The special feature in his hand is Mercury finger which made him shrewd and knowledgeable , A good speaker . He has good business sense and is street smart. Modi's Mount of Jupiter is developed too and so is his finger, and this shows Modi’s ambitious nature a dominant personality and a good ruler .

Special features

The two other aspect which generally strike me when ever I see his hand is his mount of Venus and Head line . His life line moves further away from the mount of Venus which gives mount more space making him passionate and caring . His dressing style is and reason of his not getting married is also due to large Venus and thick heart line . The strong mount of Sun is making him independent. He is used to getting things in his own way, and enjoys being in the centre of things. He can be quite controlling. The wavy life line is showed problem in 2012. He faced lot of opposition and has to put lot of effort. The year 2012 was full of challenges and criticism he and allegation

Unusual Line

His Head line is not the one like a prime minister should have. This line of Mr Modi has always encroached me to research more on Head Line . Break in Brain Line gives constant money issues any may be because of this he suffered from finical problems in child hood .The confutation, constant stress and tough competition he is facing is due to wavy broken Head line . He should be mindful of the fact that in future he might suffer from head injury in future . A reserve person His mount of Saturn is strong this shows that Narendra Modi likes his solitude. He does not mingle and trust people easily .

Love for Mother

His strong mount of Moon Dominates hand . His love mother is because of Heart Line and Moon . His Foreign trips and policies are because of strong moon . This is also giving him good imagination.

Palmistry Reveals Strong Points of MS Dhoni Which made him cricket captain

An Achievers hand His hand is a perfect combination of leader and achiever . The individual short fingers , the broad wide palm, the perfect Head and Heart Lines, the long thumb, the strong Mount of Venus, and well developed Upper Mars all indicate action , courage high standard talent . He is man with tremendous mental and physical skills who knows how to take his talent to the highest level.

What makes him stubborn He is a perfectionist and very good leader and but stubborn. His short fingers do make him Obsessive. Strong Mars and long Sun finger is making him loud . He sets standards for himself and for others, which can become a pain for others . He strongly desires fame and wants to be known for his skill and talent specially due to his strong Sun finger .

A media savy Venus is giving him inclination towards media but moodiness as well Moon gives rise to feelings of jealousy of those more talented than him because he does have feelings of insecurity.

Dhoni a good planner Dhoni is a fairly good planner [ Square tip of Satrun Finger ] It is his creativity and imagination which give him a strong intuitive feel for the game and help him make the right decisions (Mount of Moon and Fingers). He is also shrewd and understands people (Mercury finger) but he is not a master manipulator or cunning strategist in the true sense of the terms due to Sun Finger .His plus points are that he is serious, focussed (Saturn finger shape), intuitive, understands people, is very talented and can see issues objectively, with his emotions well in control. This helps him make the right decisions (Strong thumb, Hand shape and Headline and Heart line ). His negative points are that he can get too critical of others and is at times insecure and vindictive due to Saturn .

Look into Steve Job palm

It was sad to know about Apple co founder Steve jobs death. A man with will and logic truly appears from his hand as well. A perfectionist who managed his work with efficiency his bony fingers are adding reasoning. he was very secretive and reserved due to knotty fingers . He never discloses any thing growing in his mind until it becomes mature enough to disclose. Thin long fingers added focus and good pink color high standard. They say he was a man of high standers, a critical idealist. His Index finger is making him arrogant but I feel he was generous . Due to all these qualities he won so much popularity and earned an incredible amount of money in his life.

Akhilesh Yadav VS Rahul Gandhi

The new Hero of politics Akhilesh Yadav has proved him self. A man with will and logic truly appears from his hand as well. A perfectionist who manages his work with efficiency his bony fingers are adding reasoning. But he is careless . He is outgoing and makes his presence felt. I think he's pretty ruthless. The center of his fingers is Saturn Finger which is adding stability and depth in him . He has a very good mercury line the main factor of adding communication skill and political ability in him. The incredible success is due to Sun line which is starting now. But I am sure the dent in the head line will bring lot of problem for him in 2018

The defeat of Rahul Gandi is just a timely factor. The minus point is has hand is his short thumb and spatula ted fingers which provoked him for intense reaction. He would have been a good mechanic because of the bulbous tips on his middle and ring finger. The equal distance in fingers is adding balance in thought and work. He's got a clear head line, showing a good, clear mind. Overall, more a performer . His future is very bright. He will comeback with majority in next election.

Palm Reading of Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai

At first glance it ias an ordinary hand she has Heart Line i.e. extends all the way across the palm and out the other side. It symbolizes that the loving heart energy is directed to the outer world side of the hand and to other people. She is a big hearted person.

Long Heart Line - Combined with a well-developed little finger - + ring finger... such characteristics are often seen in vivid, expressive actresses. Ring finger has brought her fame and little finger has helped her in gaining vertality.

Long Thumb and thin fingers have added artistic skill Jupitar has given her confidence and knowledge . if we combine all these the person come out will be like Aishwarya

Palm reading Michael Jackson( King of Music )

The hand image of Michael Jackson 's hand is fantastic and rich in detail. His thumb is high-set, which points to his reserve and emotional tendency. He has many lines on his Moon Mount, indicating the overseas influences throughout his life, and there's a line that appears to be a Apollo line originating there also. His well-marked Moon Mount points creativity

The double head line. Is adding excellence .Double head line enables the person to not only perceive themselves and their role, but to also perceive others and exactly what they ask of them. Being able to see two sides of any situation His heart line looks quite dominant in his hand and betrays a soft heart.

Hollow Plain of Mars made his child hood difficult and due to this he had to face lot of criticism Fair strong Apollo line joined by Mercury made him famous.

Palm Analysis of Kapil Sharma Producer Comedy Nights With Kapil

Kapil Sharma is a famous comedian, and has gained immense popularity as of his comedy show titled ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, currently aired on Colors TV. This show has a large fan following. However, Kapil Sharma is facing some tough times, as recently the lavish set of his popular show caught fire and equipment worth of crores was burnt. As if this was not enough, Kapil Sharma also got entangled in a tax evasion controversy. And now Gutthi issue.

Normally we do not have correct date of birth of celebraties so palmistry or palm reading can give more wider picture of them. By looking at his thumb he looks evenly balanced . Fingers are long and mercury finger conical showing humor ability. The second phalange of sun finger is longer which adds artistic ability in him.

He has a strong mind and is quite headstrong and about the issues he carries them close to his heart. His round life line will add security in life . How ever year 2014 will be challenging for him. Since his fate line is getting thicker. Major challenges will take place in most of the spheres of his life. This may be turning point for him. He should certainly not take things easy.

He will have to donate lot of time and attention to detail and routine affair. Its time to be organized and practical. Yes he can invest more finances on his show as the results at later stages will be good. He is lucky as he will easily swim through all the issues and his public image will not be stained

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